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This course represents the pinnacle of teaching in the real science of Classical Homeopathy.
This course is perfectly designed for graduate, post-graduate studies and Continuing Professional Development. If you have already done a course in homeopathy this will clarify and advance your level of understanding of real homeopathy. This in turn will give you greater understanding and the skills and confidence to obtain consistent results and therefore establish a flourishing practice. The The costs are: £5000 for the full course

If you are new to homeopathy then this course will give you the greatest foundation of information possible and teach you the essential information you need to know to become a successful homeopath. However it is also advised that you to do an anatomy and pathology course , which can be provided online at the same time or a later date.


Dates - to be announced
Regent's University, London

Here are a selection of excerpts from the course:
Course objective:
The program contains all you need to become an excellent homeopath because you will understand the rules of homeopathy and learn how to apply them. The program is also a challenge for every experienced homeopath to deepen their homeopathic knowledge.

You will understand what is important for prescribing within the patient and what is important within the Materia Medica to base the prescription on.
You will have the possibility to see his analysis of many cases, how he takes the case, how he synthesizes the information in order to find the correct remedy, information about differential Materia Medica, strategies of homeopathic prescribing and generally you will attend the absolutely highest standard and quality of teaching.

It contains:

Theory (incl. the complete Levels of Health)
Materia medica (130 remedies)
Case studies, (recorded live cases)
Parameters determining the Level of Health of each patient
Evaluation and analysis of each case that shows the process of finding the correct remedy
General topics about homeopathy and health.
The NEW COURSE will start in 2021 and is a 28 month training course based on the core teachings and lectures of George Vithoulkas. Students will attend in class one week-end per month over 28 months.
Teacher/Facilitator/Moderator: Andrew Ward Dip.IACH. R.S.Hom
There is a clinical year required in order to obtain the Diploma from the IACH. This is done in the year following the course. This involves the successful completion of 10 supervised cases followed over a 6 month period. This is now completed online with supervision from Andrew.
It is now a requirement of the Diploma that for students new to homeopathy they should complete the Anatomy and Pathology Course that we suggest.. This can be done at anytime in the 2 years.
Anatomy and Pathology Course
Venue: Regent's College, Regent's Park. London, NW1 4NS
Times: Sat 10.30am - 6.30 pm Sun 9.30am - 5.30 pm

Directions and Map

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£5000 for the full course. £1000 deposit needed for Registration.
Balance can be paid in 4 instalments i.e. 4 x £1000

This can be via cheque, BACS or PayPal
Cheques to: Homeopathy UK Training
BACS: 40-13-17 01483617 HSBC
IBAN: GB59HBUK40131701483617
On completion of the course you will be able to take the exam to obtain the Diploma from the International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy Dip. IACH. This is an internationally recognized diploma validated by the International Academy of Classical Homoeopathy, Greece. This course has been accredited in Greece by the Aegean University and 9 other medical universities internationally.
For course registration please fill out the form below and send:

or contact me via e-mail or tel for the form or more details:
Andrew Ward
112, Wooley Park Cottages, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1TT
01225 862654
This is a course where the earnest student really learns the proper application of classical homeopathy.
The following subjects are taught in the course of about 380 hours:
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The famous G.Vithoulkas Homeopathic Training Program was presented for the first time in England in October 2005 with the students graduating in the Spring of 2008. It is an exceptional training course, which provides all the information that is necessary to become a competent and successful homeopath. It will help even the experienced homeopath to really understand the principles of REAL Homeopathy and enable them to greater success by presenting CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and CERTAINTY.
George Vithoulkas is arguably the best and most experienced homeopath in the world. He is largely responsible for raising the reputation and the quality standard of homeopathy worldwide in the second half of the 20th Century, and he is still continuing to do so.
For the first time he has recorded his teachings in a complete and didactic way in order to improve the qualification of homeopaths and to set a gold-standard of homeopathic education the world over.
The course consists of 300 hours of teaching based on George's 50 years experience. This covers the "A to Z" of classical Homoeopathy - his unique understanding of the Theory of Chronic Disease, including the 12 Levels of Health; the documented live cases and the Materia Medica of over 120 remedies. This information is all based on his personal experience of over 150,000 cases.
Due to the unique way that the presentation of this course has been captured, you experience the teaching as if Prof. Vithoulkas is in the room and you are in the class, via his lectures and the video case studies. These are then used by the mentor to transmit the core of George Vithoulkas' understanding of homoeopathy. There will be a facilitator at hand to explain and elucidate on any questions or issues arising, and to facilitate discussions. Your Teacher/Moderator is:
Andrew Ward Dip IACH R.S.Hom - a very experienced registered homoeopath ( 30 years in practice) who has also studied extensively with and assisted Prof. Vithoulkas over the last 16 years in Alonissos. He is very familiar with his core teachings.
Dr Ana Pombo Dip IACH PharmaD (Pharmacist) who has extensive experience of practice and teaching of Classical Homeopathy and training with prof George Vithoulkas.
The course will be presented over a 2-year period and based in central London at Regent's University. Beginners, graduates and advanced homeopaths will equally benefit from this unique essential information.
Homoeopathy is in a difficult state at the moment. There are too many new "systems" and "theories" which just confuse the student, practitioner, and public. The medical world is attacking our profession and using arguments that we are unscientific and unregulated. We need to show the world that we do indeed have a remarkable system of medicine that is both highly effective in treating the most chronic of diseases and extremely safe. However in order to do this we have to know and fully understand the science of Homoeopathy ourselves and then put it into practice. Homoeopathy is a true science with effects that can be demonstrated and predicted.
This course will teach you the pure essence of homoeopathy, which in turn will enable you to reach a very high level of success as a practitioner. You will then in turn become highly respected for your work and successes and run a healthy, busy practice.
"Everyone I know who has attended this course and fully understood it has gone on to run a successful, busy practice." See Testimonials
This is homoeopathy in its purest form - the form in which Hahnemann wished it to be understood.