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A complete online distance learning course in pathology and disease designed for homeopaths and alternative practitioners.
Dr Stephen Gascoigne M.B., Ch.B., C.Ac. (Shanghai), Dip. CHM., completed his medical training in 1976 and worked in hospitals and general practice. He studied acupuncture in China and then Chinese herbal medicine in the UK. He has written 3 books of which The Clinical Medicine Guide is used as the textbook for this course. There is a distance-learning study guide to accompany this book. This enables students to study at their own pace with support from their tutor. It is the primary study course for several colleges of holistic medicine.
This course needs about 230 hours of study and can be taken over 2 years. This can be before, during or after the Vithoulkas Course. It is an independent course but the best available and offers a very high standard of training in the essential information to know in treating pathology and disease.
The course is divided into a number of sections – each one corresponding to a particular topic, perhaps an organ system such as the respiratory system or dealing with cancer, infectious disease etc. Short assessment questions are posed at intervals, so that you can check your knowledge and understanding. You will receive feedback on each of your answers.
The emphasis is always on understanding. Do not imagine that you have to memorise vast amounts of facts. There is no need. You will have the basic text for reference anyway. The only area that you would definitely benefit from memorisation is to do with recognising serious symptoms.
The course is modular with 19 modules to complete. These can be done separately at an individual cost or the whole 19 modules as one course.
The course can either be done wholly online or it can also be done as a paper/ text course. The book The Clinical Medicine Guide acts as the reference book. It is available for a special price to our students. See prices below.
Assignments are completed regularly throughout the course so that you can assess your progress.
A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course on successful completion of the assignments.
The full course is £300 or individual modules can be taken at a cost of £30 each. The book is included in the price of the full course.
It is recommended and essential that you have a good understanding of the physical body so if you have not studied this subject a good first reading list is :
Anatomy coloring book by Kapit & Elson (Cummings, 2001)
Physiology coloring book by Kapit, Macey & Meisami (Cummings, 1999)
These are available as free e-books or can be ordered from Amazon.