Emmanuella Contopoulou
I have had an interest in homeopathy even from the time I was a medical student. After completing my specializaton in Radiology I decided to attend G.Vithoulkas' video course of Classical Homeopathy in Bath and Andrew Ward was my teacher. Even with my limited experience of the world of Homeopathy, I soon understood that his teaching is considerably ahead of the main stream Homeopathy that is currently being practised from many Homeopaths in the UK. Despite his non medical background, Andrew has a very good undestanding of many complex medical conditions, something that is unfortunately lacking not only from the practising Homeopaths but also from many medical practitioners! The positive influence of G. Vithoulkas can be clearly seen not only in the way he treats his patients, but also in his teaching methods in the classroom, particularly the theory behind the science of Homeopathy. These are very delicate matters that can be transmitted only by someone who combines the theoretical knowledge with extensive practical experience. It is extremely useful when what is being taught through the video course can be linked to real cases and Andrew always has a good example in hand to illustrate the point. I consider myself very fortunate to have met Andrew and through him Prof. George Vithoulkas and having the opportunity to learn the essence of so many years of practise of one of the greatest masters of our time through one of his long term students.testimonial text here...
Having had homeopathy over a number of years from Andrew Ward and experiencing first hand the benefit of regenerative healing of a long term chronic and disabling condition together with rapid cures from other occurring acute illness's I now benefit from an increased level of general well being and overall health. This has led me to undertake the two year Classical Homeopathy Training course in Bath which started 18 months ago.
Coming from a background of being a Registered Nurse I have found the course extremely interesting in outlining not only alternative paths to improved health and regeneration for individuals with a whole range of illness, but also in particular, identifying how we become unwell, suppression of illness's and how this affects individuals longer term and how to restore a higher level of health safely from the study of the levels of health. This area of learning simplifies an individuals reaction to illness and their responses to recovery.
Studying the remedies themselves is fascinating and presented by both George Vithoulkas and Andrew using live and videoed case studies together with general discussion. I have also had the valuable opportunity to go to Greece with the course to study with George Vithoulkas himself and look forward to continuing to learn under the expert tuition of Andrew and benefiting from his many years of experience as he supervises me on my journey into becoming a homeopath.
Thank you Andrew for sharing your knowledge and great enthusiasm with us.

I recommend this course to any interested in homeopathy as a beginner or an experienced homeopath. (SL July 2013)

J. C
Having been so despondent, despite having already completed a three year course elsewhere, I thought of giving up homeopathy altogether, despite the wonderful results I had witnessed. Then after talking to people who had experienced similar problems and upon advice regarding the teaching of George Vithoulkas, I decided to come along to train with you in Bath, for me it was not about gaining a qualification moreover that I have a thorough understanding of why we get ill and why homeopathy, when correctly applied is absolutely curative.
It was upon starting the IACH course that I had to forget previous misunderstandings in order to fully comprehend the theory of classical homeopathy in relation to levels of health. It was only after a year or so into your course that I realised just how it could have been truly dangerous to have set myself up in practice; however now armed with a true understanding I can say I feel really confident to begin an exciting new career.
I would like to pay the highest possible tribute to you personally Andrew, as executive director of the International Academy Classical Homeopathy UK, the course is thorough, analytic, detailed, instructive and professional, coupled with your many years of practical experience, in my view it is without doubt, the finest course anyone aspiring to be a homeopath could undertake to study in the U.K. I know with the training your students receive, they will continue to help humanity at large to combat and overcome the problems they face.
Jayne Clare, Student 2012 /14
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After studying 5 years in a college I felt I didn’t have the knowledge or the confidence to practice Homeopathy , so I searched for what was considered internationally the best teaching in the world. After being in Alonissos and hearing Prof. George Vithoulkas talking about homeopathy, teaching and seeing patients, I felt I had to do this course to reach the level of knowledge and confidence I needed for my practice. This was some years ago and today I practice Homeopathy full time successfully, thanks to this course together with the input of Andrew´s knowledge, experience and availability.
If you take Homeopathy seriously, this is the course to do and Andrew is the right teacher with the right experience to help you get through it!